Sox View Point

Banks and Lending Institutions have the best Congressional representation money can buy.  The average budget class American is about to be shafted by the Robber Barons and Money Grubbers.  Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is threatening to filibuster a bankrupcy reform bill now moving through Congress if it doesn't maintain the generous homestead protection guaranteed  under the Texas Constitution.  Kay is a Republican but in this case she seems to be looking out for Budget Classers.  possibly she isn't bought and paid for by the Banking and Lending Industry.  What ever the outcome of this legislation, Pro-S.O.C.S. will post the results AND the voting record of  members of Congress on this Web site for all American Voters to view and utilize in future elections when deciding if their Representative or Senator truly has their interest in mind or those of  BIG MONEY.  Watch for the results and use the list of Congressional e-mail addresses to voice your opinion.