Here is an article by Fred Clarkson, it illustrates an excellent example of Christian Conservatives breaking
the Ten Commandments.  Possibly they rationalize it as "Lying and Bearing False Witness For Jesus."
If you care about the First Amendment Separation Of Church And State read this and other articles on the
Pro-SOCS web page before you cast your vote and loose your freedom!

July 2, 1998


After four years, the smear campaign against Mary Knott Perkins is still
the talk of East Texas. There is a wince in her voice as she tells the
story of how she lost her seat on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)
to Donna Ballard, a Christian conservative firebrand.

"I'm a very traditional person," says Perkins, a Democrat and grandmother
of seven. "I had never even been called a liberal. I'm a Methodist. But I
was called an atheist and a feminist. I was accused of advocating
masturbation for five year olds. My good name was sullied all over my
district. Anybody going into politics today is going to face it."

Four years later, a group of conservative Christian Republicans who vote as
a bloc is poised to achieve an eight-to-seven majority on the Texas SBOE
after elections this November. If they win, the  SBOE will be the most
significant elected body over which the Christian right has ever gained

In the July 26 issue of IN THESE TIMES, Frederick Clarkson details the rise
of the Christian right in Texas and explains what a November victory might
mean for the future of public education.

Based on the the public proclamations and records of Christian right board
members and candidates, Clarkson concludes, if they secure a majority on
the SBOE, they can be expected to try to expand the charter school program,
create a state-financed voucher program, implement school prayer, display
the Ten Commandments in school buildings, instruct staff to teach
creationism, and end education about sexuality and AIDS. They would also
likely withdraw from the federal Goals 2000 Program--a program originally
proposed by President George Bush, to raise academic standards. The
program, which began in 1994, is scheduled to provide Texas schools with
$100 million by 1999.

The outcome and conduct of the campaign itself may alter politics in the
state and the nation well into the next century.

Frederick Clarkson is a journalist and author whose work on the religious
right has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines over the past 15
years. Last fall, he published a nationally syndicated op-ed column on the
Promise Keepers that appeared in a number of Texas newspapers, including
the Houston Chronicle and the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. He is the author,
most recently, of Eternal Hostility: The Struggle between Theocracy and
Democracy (Common Courage Press, 1997)

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