by Carla Binion

Ok, what is the GOP trying to pull?  They're kidding with this George W. for
president deal, right?  It's not just that George flunked when asked by a
reporter to name the leaders of four different countries.  (I can almost hear
strains of Dubya's theme song:  "Don't know much about history, don't know
much about geography...")  And, yes, I did personally know the names of the
four leaders.  It's that when he mentioned the coup in Pakistan, he said the
coup was a good thing because it would help bring stability to the region.
Whoa!  Warning, warning, danger, danger, CIA-speak!  Who did this guy's

It's a matter of public record that the CIA often sings the praises of one
military dictator or another for "bringing stability to a region."  This is
not a sentiment that most Americans in possession of all pertinent facts
would likely share -- not that we're allowed much say about it.  What gives
one pause is that the phrase "bringing stability to the region" (and ask
yourself: what average American routinely uses that phrase?) rolled off
Dubya's tongue so easily, as his lizard-brain reflexes took over when his
frontal lobe dropped the ball.  Those darting, reptilian eyes said it all as
the interview progressed.  The Dubya was stumped, but his programming did
kick in and sort of slop out for all the world to see.

The last thing we need is yet another affable, passive CIA stooge for
president.  Been there, done that.  Two recent Democratic presidents, Carter
and Clinton, have occasionally at least held their own on foreign affairs and
stood up to the intelligence services with independent opinions.  Carter made
a stab at cleaning up the CIA and resisted CIA policies in Iran, and Clinton
opened some intelligence files.  Neither was a total CIA doormat with a blank
check as Reagan and Bush were -- and as Shrub would likely be.

Another thing we don't need is yet another, shall we say, Quayle-like mind in
high political office.  We had one Dan Quayle near the presidency, and we all
knew right away that was a no go.  Why is it taking so long for Republicans
to see George W. isn't any more viable than Quayle was?  What more evidence
do they need -- Shrub's telling us in an interview that the "Kosovians" and
the "Grecians" are actually from America?  ("Don't know much about a science
book.  Don't know much about the French I took...")

We need to get a message to the GOP:  Save yourselves some time and money.
Do not back this racehorse.  Or, maybe we should just sit back and watch the
horse stumble as he gets closer to the finish line.  Unless the CIA plans to
fully rig the election (hmmm...), I can't imagine how George W. is confident
he's going to be our next president.  Maybe dad's friends at Langley have
worked out some deal with the "Kosoviogrecians" to have them show up in
droves at the ballot boxes.  Or maybe the Gore camp can alert the public to
Dubya's obvious flaws soon enough to reverse his mind boggling lead and
prevent yet another CIA presidency.  What a wonderful world it would be.