(Compiled by PRO-S.O.C.S., REF: THE COORS CONNECTION, Russ Bellant)


Founded 1981 by Tim LaHaye, T. Cullen Davis, Nelson Bunker Hunt.

The origins of the CNP are found in the nativist and reactionary circles of the Radical Right, including the John Birch Society. It is a secretive networking forum that was formed as a rightist alternative to the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFA), which was considered to be too left-wing. It brings together activists and wealthy funders to plan projects of mutual interest, focusing on foreign affairs. It enjoys a tax exempt status.

Executive Committee: Includes Holly Coors, Paul Weyrich, Edwin Feulner, Oliver North and Reed Larson.

Tim LaHaye, Pres. `81/`82. A member of the Moral Majority and the Coalition on Revival (COR) Steering Committee.

Tom Ellis, Pres. `82/`83. A top political operative for Jesse Helms and past director of the Pioneer Fund, a racist organization which finances efforts to prove that African-Americans are genetically inferior to whites.

Succeeded by Nelson Bunker Hunt, Pat Robertson and Richard DeVos of the Amway Corp.

Board Members of CNP:

* Richard Shoff: Former KKK leader and supporter of the Conservative Caucus.

* Don McAlvany: A contributing editor to the John Birch Society's weekly, New American. Is involved in South African military and police groups to organize pressure to get the South African government to disavow the Alvor accords that ended warfare against Angola and SWAPO.

* James McClellan: An associate of Jesse Helms and Roger Pearson, who is active in repealing civil rights legislation.

* Ben Blackburn: Former US Congressman and past board chairman of Heritage Foundation. President of International Policy Forum (IPF), which among other functions provides political campaign training to members of Maranatha, the shepherding cult.

* R. J. Rushdoony: Ideological leader of the "Christian Reconstruction" movement, which advocates "dominion" political philosophy.

* Gary North: Son-in-law of Rushdoony.

* Don Wildmon: Member of the steering committee of COR.

* Phyllis Schlafly: Eagle Forum.

* Robert Grant: Chairman of Christian Voice (a Moon controlled organization) and chairman of American Freedom Coalition (a political front for the Unification network).

* Jerry Falwell: Leader of Moral Majority.

* Morton Blackwell: President of International Policy Forum (IPF), which trains right-wing conservatives around the world in New Right political techniques. IPF provides political training to members of Maranatha, the sheparding cult.

Past and present members in Houston

Ed Young, Pastor Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas.

Judge Paul Pressler, active in Houston, Texas GOP

Mike Richards, KSEV conservative talk radio personality, Houston, Texas

Members after 1994

Steve Stockman, R-TX, loose connection with Michigan militia supporters

Connections to CPN:

COUNCIL FOR INTER-AMERICAN SECURITY (CIS): A key New Right group supporting the Contras and right-wing dictatorships in Latin America. It has been part of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) since at least 1975 and has ties to Moon's Unification Church. Major General John Singlaud, a leader of WACL, and others with intelligence agency backgrounds are on the CIS speakers bureau. CNP member Frank Aker is also a leader of CIS. General Gordon Sumner is chair of the national CIS.

PRO-S.O.C.S. was founded to maintain Separation of Church and State. PRO-S.O.C.S. is deeply concerned that the Christian Coalition, CNP, and other radical political groups are attempting to subvert our form of government.

PRO-S.O.C.S feels that every American should find out what the Council for National Policy (CNP) is all about, what its agenda is, and how its members and their separate organizations are interconnected.

PRO-S.O.C.S. recommends viewing IFAS' unofficial Council for National Policy information page on the world wide web at

IFAS' CNP web site lists membership alphabetically and by state. You will find quotes from members and statements about the organization's goals. You may be surprised to find the membership list contains most of the leaders from the radical religious right, along with congresspersons you may have wondered about. You will even find a member recently tried for murdering his step daughter. You will not get this information by calling CNP so take this advantage and inform yourself before you possibly vote away some of your rights and freedoms.