AK Stevens, Ted

AR Bumpers, Dale

AZ Kyl, Jon

AZ McCain, John

CA Boxer, Barbara

CA Feinstein, Dianne

CO Brown, Hank

CT Dodd, Christopher J.

CT Lieberman, Joseph I.

DE Biden, Jr., Joseph R.

FL Graham, Bob

GA Coverdell, Paul

IA Grassley, Chuck

IA Harkin, Tom

ID Craig, Larry E. I

D Kempthorne, Dirk

IL Moseley-Braun, Carol

IL Simon, Paul

KY Ford, Wendell H.

KY McConnell, Mitch

LA Breaux, John B.

LA Johnston, J. Bennett

MA Kennedy, Edward M.

MA Kerry, John F.

MD Mikulski, Barbara A.

MD Sarbanes, Paul S.

ME Cohen, William S.

MI Abraham, Spencer

MI Levin, Carl

MN Grams, Rod

MN Wellstone, Paul

MO Ashcroft, John

MS Cochran, Thad

MT Baucus, Max

MT Burns, Conrad

NC Faircloth, Lauch

NC Helms, Jesse

ND Dorgan, Byron L.

NE Kerrey, J. Robert

NH Gregg, Judd

NH Smith, Bob

NJ Bradley, Bill

NM Bingaman, Jeff

NM Domenici, Pete V.

NV Reid, Harry

NY D'Amato, Alfonse M.

NY Moynihan, Daniel Patrick

OH DeWine, Mike

PA Santorum, Rick

PA Specter, Arlen

RI Chafee, John H.

SC Hollings, Ernest F.

SC Thurmond, Strom

SD Daschle, Thomas A.

SD Pressler, Larry

TN Frist, Bill

TN Thompson, Fred

TX Hutchison, Kay Bailey

UT Hatch, Orrin G.

VA Robb, Charles S.

VA Warner, John W.

VT Jeffords, James M.

VT Leahy, Patrick J.

WA Gorton, Slade

WA Murray, Patty

WI Feingold, Russell D.

WI Kohl, Herb

WV Rockefeller IV, John D.

WY Simpson, Alan K.

U.S. House of Representatives Email addresses Borrowed from

ST DS PT Name E-Mail Address __ __ __ ____________________ _________________________

AL 2 R Everett, Terry

AL 5 D Cramer, Bud

AL 6 R Bachus, Spencer

AR 3 R Hutchinson, Tim

AR 4 R Dickey, Jay

AZ 2 D Pastor, Ed

AZ 5 R Kolbe, Jim

AZ 6 R Hayworth, J.D.

CA 1 R Riggs, Frank

CA 3 D Fazio, Vic

CA 6 D Woolsey, Lynn

CA 7 D Miller, George

CA 8 D Pelosi, Nancy

CA 10 R Baker, Bill

CA 12 D Lantos, Tom

CA 13 D Stark, Pete

CA 14 D Eshoo, Anna

CA 15 R Campbell, Tom (elected 12/12/95; e-mail address is generic)

CA 16 D Lofgren, Zoe

CA 17 D Farr, Sam

CA 19 R Radanovich, George

CA 22 R Seastrand, Andrea

CA 25 R McKeon, Howard

CA 36 D Harman, Jane

CA 37 D Tucker, Walter

CA 42 D Brown, George E.

CA 48 R Packard, Ron

CO 2 D Skaggs, David

CO 6 R Schaefer, Dan

CT 2 D Gejdenson, Sam

CT 4 R Shays, Christopher

DE AL R Castle, Michael

FL 5 D Thurman, Karen

FL 6 R Stearns, Cliff

FL 9 R Bilirakis, Michael

FL 12 R Canady, Charles

FL 15 R Weldon, Dave

FL 20 D Deutsch, Peter

FL 23 D Hastings, Alcee

GA 3 R Collins, Mac

GA 4 R Linder, John

GA 6 R Gingrich, Newton

GA 8 R Chambliss, Saxby

GA 10 R Norwood, Charlies

GU AL D Underwood, Robert

IA 2 R Nussle, James

ID 1 R Chenoweth, Helen

IL 1 D Rush, Bobby

IL 4 D Gutierrez, Luis

IL 12 D Costello, Jerry I

L 13 R Fawell, Harris

IL 14 R Hastert, Dennis

IL 20 D Durbin, Richard

IN 2 R McIntosh, David

IN 3 D Roemer, Tim

IN 4 R Souder, Mark

IN 8 R Hostettler, John

IN 9 D Hamilton, Lee

KS 1 R Roberts, Pat

KS 2 R Brownback, Sam

KS 4 R Tiahrt, Todd

KY 1 R Whitfield, Ed

KY 3 D Ward, Mike

KY 4 R Bunning, Jim

LA 5 R McCrery, Jim

MA 6 R Torkildsen, Peter

MA 9 D Moakley, Joe

MD 2 R Ehrlich, Robert

MD 3 D Cardin, Ben

ME 2 D Baldacci, John

MI 2 R Hoekstra, Peter

MI 3 R Ehlers, Vernon

MI 4 R Camp, Dave

MI 7 R Smith, Nick

MI 8 R Chrysler, Dick

MI 13 D Rivers, Lynn

MI 14 D Conyers, John

MN 1 R Gutknect, Gil

MN 2 D Minge, David

MN 3 R Ramstad, Jim

MN 4 D Vento, Bruce

MN 5 D Sabo, Martin

MN 6 D Luther, Bill

MN 7 D Peterson, Collin

MN 8 D Oberstar, James

MO 2 R Talent, James

MO 3 D Gephardt, Richard

MO 8 R Emerson, Bill

MS 2 D Thompson, Bennie

NC 2 R Funderburk, David

NC 4 R Heineman, Frederick

NC 5 R Burr, Richard

NC 7 D Rose, Charlie

NC 9 R Myrick, Sue

NC 10 R Ballenger, Cass

NC 11 R Taylor, Charles

NC 12 D Watt, Mel

ND AL D Pomeroy, Earl

NH 1 R Zeliff, Bill

NH 2 R Bass, Charlie

NJ 1 D Andrews, Robert

NJ 7 R Franks, Bob

NJ 11 R Frelinghuysen, Rodney

NJ 12 R Zimmer, Dick

NM 3 D Richardson, Bill

NV 1 R Ensign, John

NY 1 R Forbes, Michael

NY 2 R Lazio, Rick

NY 3 R King, Peter

NY 7 D Manton, Thomas

NY 8 D Nadler, Jerrold

NY 13 R Molinari, Susan

NY 15 D Rangel, Charles

NY 16 D Serrano, Jose

NY 17 D Engel, Eliot

NY 18 D Lowey, Nita

NY 19 R Kelly, Sue

NY 21 D McNulty, Michael

NY 23 R Boehlert, Sherwood

NY 26 D Hinchey, Maurice

NY 27 R Paxon, Bill

OH 2 R Portman, Rob

OH 4 R Oxley, Michael

OH 10 R Hoke, Martin

OH 15 R Pryce, Deborah

OK 5 R Istook, Jr. Ernest

OR 1 D Furse, Elizabeth

OR 3 D Wyden, Ron

OR 4 D DeFazio, Pete

OR 5 R Bunn, Jim

PA 7 R Weldon, Curt

PA 11 D Kanjorski, Paul

PA 12 D Murtha, John

PA 13 R Fox, Jon

PA 15 D McHale, Paul

PA 16 R Walker, Robert

SC 1 R Sanford, Mark

SC 5 D Spratt, John

SC 6 D Clyburn, James

TN 5 D Clement, Bob

TN 9 D Ford, Harold

TX 1 D Chapman, Jim

TX 2 D Wilson, Charles

TX 3 R Johnson, Sam

TX 6 R Barton, Joe

TX 10 D Doggett, Lloyd

TX 24 D Frost, Martin

TX 25 D Bentsen, Ken

TX 29 D Green, Gene

UT 2 R Waldholtz, Enid

UT 3 D Orton, Bill

VA 2 D Pickett, Owen

VA 6 R Goodlatte, Bob

VA 9 D Boucher, Rick

VA 11 R Davis, Tom

VT AL I Sanders, Bernie

WA 1 R White, Rick

WA 3 R Smith, Linda

WA 8 R Dunn, Jennifer

WA 9 R Tate, Randy

WI 1 R Neumann, Mark

WI 2 R Klug, Scott

WI 5 D Barrett, Tom

WI 6 R Petri, Tom

WI 8 R Roth, Toby

WI 9 R Sensenbrenner, James

WV 2 D Wise, Robert

WV 3 D Rahall, Nick