(Compiled by PRO-S.O.C.S., REF: THE COORS CONNECTION, Russ Bellant)

Evolved out of the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress (CSFC), established by Paul Weyrich and Joseph Coors in July 1974. "It was formed in 1977 to meet a dual purpose: (1) to examine public policies in social and family areas, and (2) to conduct studies of the electoral process." (FCF Annual Report 1991). Focuses on training elected officials and grassroots activists to participate in the political process. In 1990, this expertise was taken to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It engages in political activity through publishing, organizing forums on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, networking with other right-wing groups, lobbying, and through the Free Congress PAC. At the Christian Coalition Road to Victory II conference, September 11th and 12th, 1992, Weyrich announced plans for the FCF to work closely with the Christian Coalition.

Paul Weyrich's association with Coors goes back to the early 1970's. Weyrich and Coors shared a desire to influence governmental policies toward a radical right position. In the 1970's, Richard Viguerie did the direct-mail fundraising for the CSFC. "Weyrich, Viguerie, and Howard Phillips were trying to create a new center of political action to the right of the Republican Party, which they saw as too moderate." (The Coors Connection, Russ Bellant) Toward this end they, along with William Rusher, went to the 1976 convention of the American Independent Party (AIP) to seek a spot on the national ticket for Viguerie. The long-range plan was to form a new party for the 1980 elections. (The AIP, a coalition of KKK, John Birchers and the Liberty Lobby, was formed as a vehicle for the George Wallace campaign of 1968. Lestor Maddox was chosen to head the ticket.)

FREE CONGRESS PAC, Richard Viguerie, fundraiser.

Board of Directors:

Jeffrey H. Coors, Chairman Dr. Robert H. Krieble, Vice Chairman (Former CEO, Loctite Corp.) Paul M. Weyrich, President The Hon. Ralph M. Hall, Secretary, Member of Congress (D-TX) Dr. Chas. Moser, Treas. (Prof., Slavic Languages, Geo. Wash. Univ.) Kathleen Teague Rothschild, Pres. Public Affairs Consulting Robert L. Sandblom, Chairman and CEO Marion Magruder, Jr., Pres., McDonald Restaurants Terry J. Kohler, Pres., Windway Capital Corp. Henry J. Smith, Chairman, Clark/Bardes Organization, Inc. T. Coleman Andrews, III, CEO, WorldCorp The Hon. William L. Armstrong, U.S. Senate (ret.) Thomas A. Roe, Chairman, The Roe Foundation Clifford S. Heinz, Chairman, C.S. Heinz Foundation John D. Beckett, Pres., R. W. Beckett Corp.

Funded by: J. M. Foundation ($995K) Bradley Foundation ($900K) M/M Roger Milliken Romill Foundation ($500K) Olin Foundation ($448K) Nancy & Avery Follansbee ($239K) Fred A. Lennon Foundation ($l56K) Coors Grant ($600K) Funded by (cont):

Carthage Foundation, Richard Mellon Scaife ($3,501,000) Robert & Nancy Krieble (Loctite Corp) ($538K) Nancy DeMoss ($235K) Richard & Helen DeVos (Amway Corp) ($105K) Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Fieldstead Foundation ($152K)

Study Centers:

Center for Conservative Governance, John Exnicios, Director The Krieble Institute, Dr. R. H. Krieble, Chairman Center for State Policy, Matthew Miller, Director Center for Social Policy, Michael Schwartz, Director Center for Law & Democracy, Thomas L. Jipping, V.P., Center for Cultural Conservatism, Wm. S. Lind, Director Center for Fiscal Responsibility Center for Transportation & Urban Studies

Groups supported by FCF:

NATIONAL CHRISTIAN ACTION COALITION (NCAC), established by Robert Billings, a board member of FCF. Lobbies to maintain tax exempt status for segregated schools. Billings was a co-founder and first executive director of Moral Majority and holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bob Jones University.

MORAL MAJORITY, Jerry Falwell. Formed at the suggestion of Paul Weyrich as a visibly Christian organization that would apply pressure to the GOP. Robert Billings was the executive director.

WORD OF GOD (WOG), sheparding discipleship movement. A millenialist cult.

ALLIES FOR RENEWAL, a group controlled by WOG. FCF staffers Connie Connaught Marshner and William Marshner are active in this group and through it participate in WOG conferences. William Marshner teaches at Christiandom College.

CHRISTIAN VOICE, a key Christian rightist group working to elect Republican conservatives. Colonel Doner, the director of this group, is sheparded by Peacocke. Christian Voice has connections with Rev. Moon and the Unification Church.

NATIONAL PRO-FAMILY COALITION, Connie Marshner, Director. Board members include: Roy Jones (Moral Majority); Mark Siljander, R-Mich and member of COR steering committee; Dennis Peacocke, founder of Anatole Fellowship.

AMERICAN COALITION FOR LIFE, Dennis Peacocke, Connie Marshner, Roy Jones, Siljander, Gary North and Herb Titus (head of Pat Robertson's Regent University). Trains their workers at Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute.

ANATOLE FELLOWSHIP, founded by Dennis Peacocke to gain influence for the Religious Right in the GOP. Wm. Marshner is on the executive committee. C. Marshner and Pete Waldron co-chair an issues committee to influence federal legislation. Waldron is also a member of CNP and is on the steering committee of COR.

COALITION ON REVIVAL (COR), sheparding group run by Dennis Peacocke. Heavily influenced by the reactionary Christian Reconstructionist movement (R. J. Rushdooney and Gary North). The Christian Reconstructionists and COR seek an end to democracy and the imposition of a theocratic Christian republic ruling all dimensions of life. Connie Marshner is on the board of directors.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS (NACE), founded by Robert Simonds to implement COR's plan in the field of education, one of seventeen spheres of social life COR delineates.

CITIZENS FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION (CEE), founded by Robert Simonds as the activist arm of NACE. Aims are to "return faith to our public schools," and to "change the atheist dominated ideology of secular humanism in our schools' texts, curriculum, and teachers' unions." They want to remove from textbooks "all teachings of secular humanism" and to teach Creation Science with evolution as "a two-model curriculum on origin."

INTERCESSORS FOR AMERICA (IFA), John D. Beckett, Pres. A rigidly homophobic right-wing Christian fundamentalist group. Their newsletters express concerns about Freemasonry.

THE SIENA GROUP. Formed by FCF in 1988 to network Catholic organizations, institutions and publications which share a generally conservative viewpoint. Has connections to Legatus (a Catholic businessmen's group) through founder, Tom Monaghan (chairman of Domino's Pizza). Both Legatus and Monaghan have connections to WOG, the sheparding group.

CENTER FOR THE DEFENSE OF FREE ENTERPRISE, Ron Arnold. Wrote At the Eye of the Storm: James Watt and the Environmentalists in defense of Watt.

WORLD ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE (WACL). Robert Pearson chaired the American branch of WALC, the Council on American Affairs (CAA). Pearson also was on the editorial staff of the monthly Heritage Foundation publication, Policy Review. Kathleen Rothschild has been on the board of WACL and USCWF. WACL has many fascist and neo-Nazi connections.

U. S. COUNCIL FOR WORLD FREEDOM (USCWF), Major General John Singlaub. Formed shortly after Reagan's inauguration to build support for the Contras. It quickly became the U.S. branch of the WACL.

CENTER FOR FOREIGN POLICY (CFP), established 1986 by Wm. Kling, former American Security Council director. Reports on right-wing forces worldwide. In concert with Paul Weyrich's International Policy Forum (IPF), conducts political training for right-wing leaders worldwide. It has been especially active in Chile with Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship.

INTERNATIONAL POLICY FORUM (IPF), Morton Blackwell and Paul Weyrich. Conducts political training for right-wing leaders around the world in New Right political techniques.

FREEDOM FIGHTER. Monthly report of The Freedom League and The Freedom Research Foundation. Has used Weyrich's offices through Charles Moser, an officer of FCF.

FREEDOM RESEARCH FOUNDATION, Dr. Jack Wheeler. Co-publishes The Freedom Fighter. Wheeler has connections with the World Anti-Communist League (WACL).

AMERICAN FREEDOM COALITION (AFC), Robert Grant, chairman. Political arm of the Unification Church. Has raised funds for Oliver North.

* PAUL WEYRICH has worked closely with Joseph Coors in establishing The Heritage Foundation and helps run its various groups. He has associated himself with Nazi sympathizers such as:

* CHARLES MOSER has connections with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), an umbrella group of U.S. affiliates dominated by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). The OUN's origin dates back to WWII and was formed as a collaborationist group sponsered by Nazi Germany. UCCA components are known for their anti-Semitic propaganda. Moser is on the editorial advisory board of the Ukrainian Quarterly. This publication continues to defend the history of Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis in WWII and has led the fight to oppose U.S. investigations of Nazi war criminals residing in the U.S.

* LASZLO PASZTOR is a convicted Nazi collaborator who served a prison sentence for his role in the Arrow Cross, a Hungarian pro-Nazi party that was installed by the Nazis as the government of occupied Hungary. He works for Weyrich's Coalitions for America. He is connected with the Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations (ABN), which was founded in 1943 in alliance with Hitler's war on the eastern front. The ABN became the Eastern European branch of the World Anti-Communist League. Weyrich has recently visited Hungary on behalf of the FCF to train political organizers. Pasztor was forced out of the Bush `88 campaign when the press reported the presense of emigré Nazis in the campaign.

* CONNIE CONNAUGHT MARSHNER & WILLIAM MARSHNER are on the staff of FCF. They have close ties to Religious Right elements more extreme than the Moral Majority. The Marshners are active with Word of God through Allies for Renewal. They are members of the COR steering committee. Connie Marshner was a founding editor of Family Protection Report published by the FCF Center for Child and Family Policy and is also on the advisory council of the Couple to Couple League which claims, "A return to chastity and the extermination of the contraceptive mentality is absolutely necessary for both the Church and our society as a whole."

FCF Directors also in the CNP:

John D. Beckett, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intercessors for America (IFA). A member of COR steering committee. IFA supports the apartheid government in So. Africa. Marion Magruder, Pres., McDonald's Restaurants, Arizonia. Robert Billings, board member of IFA. Howard Long, owner and CEO of Coronet Foods, Inc. U.S. Senator Wm. Armstrong James Hill, Jr., Houston-based real estate developer. Robert Krieble, connected with many rightist organizations, such as Rockford Institute. Richard DeVos, Pres. of Amway. Thomas A. Roe, active in far-right groups and a board member of Weyrich's International Policy Forum.