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River Oaks Area Democratic Women ROAD WOMEN

Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs click here

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If you need a refresher in The U.S. Constitution click here CONSTITUTION

You can access information regarding the House of Representatives by connecting to the House home page or the Library of Congeress home page by clicking here. You will find information such as the Congressional Record, text of bills, pending amendments, the U.S. Code, and schedules.

House of Representatives

Library of Congress

Click here if you want to CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSPERSON.

Americans United Web Page.

There is a very active AU chapter in Houston. Two new chapters are forming in Dallas and San Antonio.

America's Real ReligionThe new E-mail address for America's Real Religion is: A new essay by Gene Garman has been added with more to come.

Institute For First Amendment Freedom Web Site. 
People For The American Way Web Site. To contact Texas People For The American Way send e-mail to

one of the first to view TFN's new web site at respond to the need of providing accurate information for mainstream voters, The Texas Freedom Network initiated the Mainstream Voter's Project. With involvement of over 20 statewide organizations, questionaires were sent to every State Board of Education (SBOE) candidate to document their positions on issues of intrest. If you are interested in helping Texas Freedom Network or Texas Mainstream Voter's Project please contact them. The e-mail address is

TFN's new web site

Democracy Works Web Site

Excerpts from Pro-S.O.C.S.' booklet 'Cliff Notes On The Right" can be seen at Democracy Works

Body Politic

Mother Jones Web Site 
Contract On America, Avoiding The Hit

This is a very informative site with down loads of Anne Marie Rosato's book.

The Separation of Church & State Web Page 

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation 

The Interfaith Alliance

American Civil Liberties Union

American Booksellers Association 

Political Research Associates

Freedom Forum First Amendment Center

The Christian Coalition Web Page.

If you are interested in a quick and simple method for voting check out the Christian Coalition Web Site. Simply follow their Congressional Score Card and vote only for candidates with a score of 9 or less.

Check out the danger to democracy lurking at CHALCEDON FOUNDATION .

Some Radical Religious Right groups would replace the U.S. Constitution with their interpretation of Biblical law. Check out the works of R. J. Rushdoony, high priest of Reconstructionism. A Christian Reconstructionist is a Calvinist. A Christian Reconstructionist is a Dominionist. He takes seriously the Bible's commands to the godly to take dominion in the earth. This is the goal of the gospel and the Great Commission. A Christian Reconstructionist is a Postmillennialist. He believes Christ will return to earth only after the Holy Spirit has empowered the church to advance Christ's kingdom in time and history. A Christian Reconstructionist is a Presuppositionalist. He does not try to "prove" that God exists or that the Bible is true. A Christian Reconstructionist is a Theonomist. Theonomy means "God's law." A Christian Reconstructionist believes God's law is found in the Bible.

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